Asper Review of International Business and Trade Law

The Asper Review of International Business and Trade Law provides reviews and articles on current developments from the Asper Chair.

Volume 18, 2018

Volume 17, 2017

Volume 16, 2016

Volume 15, 2015

  • The Power and Influence of IOSCO in Formulating and Enforcing Securities Regulations, by Janet Austin
  • Branding Unfair Competition: What Foreign-Language Marks Mean for International Businesses, by U Shen Goh
  • United Rentals v RAM Holdings as Transplant Failure: Strategic Ambiguity, Good Faith and the Forthright Negotiator Principle in US Contract Law, by Catherine Valcke
  • Corporate Decision Making in the Human Rights Context: Using Proportionality as a Supplement to the Guiding Principles, by Connor Bildfell
  • The Applicability of TRIPS Flexibilities to the Developing World for Climate Change Mitigation as a Public Good in Green Energy Projects, by Leslyn Lewis
  • Sealing Animal Welfare Into Free Trade: Comment on EC-Seal Products, by Ling Chen
  • A Bottle of White, A Bottle of Red, Perhaps A Bottle of BC Wine Instead? Evaluating BC Wine Sales Policy and Canada’s WTO Commitments, by Robert Sroka
  • Managing Resource Revenues: Sovereign Wealth Funds in Developing Countries, by Evaristus Oshionebo
  • New Generation Regional Trade Agreements and the Precautionary Principle: Focus on the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) Between Canada and the European Union, by Angéline Couvreur
  • International Intellectual Property Law and the Protection of Traditional Knowledge: From Cultural Conservation to Knowledge Codification, by Aman K Gebru
  • Marine Oil Transportation in Canada Waters: Who is Paying Accident Costs From Oil Tanker Spills?, by Astrid Kalkbrenner
  • Regulation of Operational Pollution From Offshore Oil and Gas Activities: A Comparative Analysis of the Norwegian and Ghanaian Regimes, by Emmanuel Kofi Owusu
  • Islamic Bonds (Sukuk): Opportunities and Challenges, by Khalid Ibrahim Talahma

Volume 14, 2014

  • Prescription Unfilled: The “Jean Chretien Pledge for Africa Act” and Access to Essential Drugs, by Alvin Bajwa
  • A Denouement With Suspense: The Epilogue of Canada –Renewable Energy, by Dr. Lijuan Xing
  • A Review of the WTO Dispute on the European Union Tariff Treatment of Flat Panel Displays, by Audrey B. Yang
  • Should the CRA be Able to Pull the Rug Out from Under Multinational Transfer Pricing Choices?: A Domestic Contractual Analysis, by Darcy L. MacPherson, Dan McGeown, Sunita Doobay and Alison Waldenberg
  • Resource Extraction in the Courtroom: The Significance of Choc v Hudbay Minerals Inc for Transnational Justice in Canada, by Chilenye Nwapi
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Laws: Implications for the Canadian Natural Resources Sector, by Monica Podgorny & James B. Musgrove
  • “Objective Assessment of the Facts”: A Principled Approach to WTO Appellate Body Review of Panel Fact-Finding, by Heather Heavin & Robin Hansen
  • WTO Dispute: United States – Certain Country of Origin Labelling (COOL) Requirements (Complaint by Canada), by Pan Liu
  • Corruption Convention and Canadian Law: Responses to OECD Criticism, by Land Foster

Volume 13, 2013

  • Reinvigorating the World Trade System, by Dr. Bryan Schwartz
  • The Protection of Famous and Well-Known Trade-Marks in the Context of Non-Competing Use: Has Canada Done Enough?, by Dr. Evaristus Oshionebo
  • Manitoba’s New Franchises Act – Something Old, Something New – What to Expect, by Frank Zaid
  • Canadians Acquiring US Residential Real Property: Cross-Border Considerations, by William Fowlis & Edward C. Northwood
  • A Comparative Analysis of Maritime and Statutory Liens Under Canadian and Nigerian Admiralty Law – Suggestions for Improving the Nigerian Regime, by Gbadebo Anthony Olagunju & Bose Lawal
  • Online Tobacco Sales in Canada: How Should the Law Deal with Tobacco Issues?, by Patrick Tani
  • Surprise Under the Table: Inspirations from the Canada-EU CETA for Enhancing Global Agri-Environment by FTAs, by Xing Lijuan
  • Homère, Gutenberg, Helen Keller et Stevie Wonder: Commentaire sur le Traité de l’OMPI pour l’Accès des Aveugles à l’Imprimé, par Laurence Bich-Carrière

Volume 12, 2012

  • Unicitral Working Group II Standards in Treaty Based Investor State Arbitration, by Dimitrij Euler
  • A Legal Perspective on the Case for Procuring Capital-Intensive Infrastructure Services Via P3s in Canada, by Bryce Jatto
  • Fair is Fair: Fair Dealing, Derivative Rights and the Internet, by Steven O’Heany
  • The Scope of Compliance Proceedings Under the WTO Dispute Settlement Understanding: What are “Measures Taken to Comply”?, by Kendall Turner
  • The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and International Trade Law, by Patrick Tani
  • FASB’s Failure to Regulate Off-Balance Sheet Special Purchase Entities and the Downfall of Securitization, by Charles Abrams
  • Justifying Patent Harmonization, by Dongwook Chun


Volume 11, 2011


  • Introduction, by Bryan Schwartz
  • Human Rights Legislation and the Recognition of Foreign Credentials, by Bryan Schwartz and Janet Valel
  • Effective Foreign Credential Recognition Legislation: Recommendations for Success, by Bryan Schwartz and Natasha Dhillon-Penner
  • The Application of Competition Law to Foreign Credential Recognition, by Rachel Hinton and Bryan Schwartz
  • All Talk and No Action: Access to Canadian Markets under the General Agreement on Trade in Services, by Anne Amos-Stewart, Katrina Broughton and Bryan Schwartz
  • Improving Foreign Credential Recognition through Reform in Immigration Law and Policy, by Mark Melchers and Bryan Schwartz
  • Improving Labour Market Integration and Interprovincial Mobility for Immigrants Holding Foreign Credentials, by Mark Melchers and Bryan Schwartz
  • Facilitating Credentials Recognition at Frontline Agencies, by Mark Melchers and Bryan Schwartz


Volume 10, 2010


  • Stabilization Clauses in Natural Resource Extraction Contracts: Legal, Economic and Social Implications for Developing Countries, by Evaristus Oshionebo
  • The International Dimension of Africa’s Struggle Against Corruption, by John Mukum Mbaku
  • Africa’s Approach to the International War on Corruption: A Critical Appraisal of the African Union Convention On Preventing And Combating Corruption, by Lucky Bryce Jatto Jnr
  • Out of the Heart of Darkness: A New Regime For Controlling Resource Extraction In The Congo, by John Burchill
  • Copyright Law for the Digital World: An Evaluation of Reform Proposals, by Nathan Irving
  • Do Virtual World Activities Give Rise To Real Canadian Tax Liabilities?, by Brendan Burns
  • Net Neutrality: An Architectural Problem in Search of a Political Solution, by Brandi Field
  • Devils Lake Outlet and the Need for Canada and the United States toPursue a New Bilateral Understanding in the Management of Transboundary Waters, by Andrea Signorelli
  • Mixed Signals: What Recent Developments Tell Us About CanadianForeign Investment Policy, by J. Anthony VanDuzer


Volume 9, 2009


  • Effective Foreign Credential Recognition Legislation: Giving it Some Teeth, by Bryan Schwartz and Natasha Dhillon-Penner


  • Battle of the Forms: A Case Study Approach to Legal Strategy Development by Mary J. Shariff and Kevin Marechal De Carteret
  • Musical Chairs: Who’s Left Standing When the ABCP Music Stops? by John Pozios and Matthew Underwood
  • State Consent, State Consent, Investor Interests and the Future of Investment Arbitration: Reanalyzing the Jurisdiction of Investor-State Tribunals inHard Casesby Paul Michael Blyschak
  • Exporting Ignorance: Canada’s Opposition to the Regulation of the International Chrysotile Asbestos Trade Under the Rotterdam Conventionby Christopher P.H . Bitonti
  • Globalization, the WTO and Fair Trade: Is the International Trading System Working in the Interests of Coffee Farmers? by Natasha Dhillon-Penner
  • For the Sake of the Seals by Courtney Pope


Volume 8, 2008


  • I Live Here But Work There: Insights on Transborder Labour Movements, by Rachel Levine Feltman
  • The Haves Coming Out Behind: Galanter’s Theory Tested on the WTO Dispute Settlement System, by Mary Kopczynski
  • Bilateralism and Multilateralism: Can Public International Law Reconcile Between Them? Real Options for Further Developments in WTO Jurisprudence, by Mohamed Ramadan Hassanien
  • The WTO-Compatible ACP-EU Trade Partnership: Interpreting the Reciprocity Requirement to Further Development, by Justice Chimugwuanya Nwobike
  • NAFTA’s Chapter 11: Lessons Learned from the UPS Case, by Ryan Hauk
  • Stronger Trade or Stronger Embargo: What the Future Holds for United States–Cuba Trade Relations, by Michael Margulies

Event Summary: Franchise Symposium Materials

  • Consultation Paper on Franchise Legislation, by Manitoba Law Reform Commission
  • Response to Consultation Paper on Franchise Law, by Bryan Schwartz, John Pozios, and Leandro Zylberman
  • International Franchise Regulation, by Bryan Schwartz and Leandro Zylberman
  • Something Old, Something New: A Comparison of Canada’s Newest Franchise Legislation Against Existing Franchise Laws, by Dominic Mochrie and Frank Zaid
  • Canadian Franchise Disclosure Statutes: Exemptions and Exclusions Analysis and Recommendations, by John Sotos and Arthur J. Trebilcock
  • Canadian Franchise Disclosure Statutes: Disclosure of Rebates Recommendations, by John Sotos and Arthur J. Trebilcock

Volume 7, 2007

Introductory Essay

  • East vs. West: Evaluating Manitoba Hydro’s Options for a Hydro-Transmission Line from an International Law Perspective, by Bryan Schwartz and Perry Cheung


  • United States Anti-Dumping Policy and the Negotiation of a Free Trade Area of the Americas: The Impact of Protectionist Measures on Regional Trade Integration, by Patrick J. Glen
  • WTO Case Study: United States—Measures Affecting the Cross-Border Supply of Gambling and Betting Services, by Tom Newnham
  • Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures at the WTO: Balancing Biological Risk and Commercial Interest, by Peter Ward
  • The Political Economy of Sovereignty Revisited: A Re-examination of the Public Choice Model in Light of China’s Accession to the World Trade Organization, by Miron Mushkat and Roda Mushkat
  • How to See a Jar of Peanut Butter: Evaluating Empirical Studies of Patents and Patent Law, by Katie Lula
  • Sloping in the Right Direction: A First Look at the UCP 600 and the New Standards as Applied to Voest-Alpine, by Lisa Pietrzak
  • SEC Rule 144A and the Global Market, by Bo James Howell
  • A Call for Action: The Need for Canadian Spam Legislation, by Perry Cheung
  • Let Go of My Dot-CA: Using the CDRP in the Fight against Cybersquatting, by Melissa Beaumont
  • Essay: China’s Future Lawyers: Some Differences in Education and Outlook, by Patricia R. McCubbin, et al.

Volume 6, 2006

Introductory Essay

  • Economic Prizes: A New Model for Pharmaceutical Innovations, by Marhi Kim and Bryan Schwartz


  • TRIPS, Access to Medicines and the “North-South” Conflict After Doha: The End or the Beginning? by Fanni (Faina) Weitsman
  • Eliminating Barriers to Export of Generic Versions of Patented Drugs to Developing Countries — From Doha to Bill C-9, by Fanni (Faina) Weitsman
  • Bill C-83: Proposed Legislative Response to the Internet Pharmacy Industry and Potential Shortages in the Canadian Drug Supply, by Doug Fawcett
  • An International Legal System Regulating the Trade in the Pharmaceutical Sector and Services Provided by Human Subjects, by Sarah Bahir
  • Facilitating Development in the World Trade Organization: A Proposal for the Council for Trade and Development and the Agreement on Development Facilitation (ADF), by Yong-Shik Lee
  • The Gap between Promise and Practice in the Global Fight Against Corruption, by Lori Ann Wanlin
  • Controlling Spam: The Prospect of Legislative Success, by Karla Dane
  • Corporate Erosion of Fair Use: Global Copyright Law Regarding File Sharing, by Scott Monkman
  • Turning Medals into Metal: Evaluating the Court of Arbitration of Sport as an International Tribunal, by Daniel H. Yi
  • Exchange of Information in the Enforcement of Antitrust Laws, by Nodirbek Ormonov

Public Record Documents

  • Report of the Article 1716 panel Concerning a Dispute by the Certified General Accountants Association of New Brunswick with Québec Regarding Québec’s Measures Restricting Access to the Practice of Public Accounting
  • In the matter of a NAFTA arbitration under the UNICITRAL Arbitration rules between: International Thunderbird Gaming Corporation (Claimant) and The United Mexican States (Respondent)

Volume 5, 2005


  • The Role of Consumer Preference in the Regulation of Genetically Modified Organisms, by Bryan Schwartz and Krista Boryskavich
  • International Prescription Services: An Aerial View of the Industry with a Manitoba Perspective, by Adam Lezack and Mike Guthrie
  • Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome and the International Airline Industry: A Survey of the Economic Impact and International Regulatory Changes, by Jamieson Collins
  • Expropriating Expropriation Law: The Implications of the Metalclad Decision on Canadian Expropriation Law and Environmental Land-Use Regulation, by Marc Andrew Munro
  • Trade versus Peace: A Contextual Analysis of Core Labour Standards in the Global Trading Community, by Farkhanda Zia Mansoor
  • The Propriety of Preferences: An Evaluation of EC and U.S. GSP Schemes in the Wake of EC-Preferences, by Omar Chaudhary
  • The Role of the Legal Regimes in New Industrial Economic Theory, by Roxane DeLaurell
  • Mexico’s Code of Commerce, by Jorge A. Vargas

Public Record Documents

Agreement on Internal Trade: Panel Decisions

  • Report of the Article 1704 Panel Concerning a Dispute Brought Forward by Alberta and British Columbia against Ontario Regarding Ontario’s Measures Relating to Dairy Analogs and Dairy Blends (Saskatchewan and Manitoba Intervening in Support of the Complaint), by Elizabeth Cuddihy (Chair), Jacques Laurent, and Paul Lalonde
  • Report of the Article 1704 Panel Concerning a Dispute by Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan with Québec Regarding Québec’s Measure Prohibiting the Sale in Québec of Margarine Coloured the Same Pale Yellow Hue as Butter, by Bill Norrie (Chair), J.C. Thomas, and Lynne Burnham

NAFTA Decisions

  • Methanex Corporation (Claimant/Investor) v. United States of America (Respondent/NAFTA Party) (Final Award of the Tribunal on Jurisdiction and Merits), by J. William F. Rowley, Professor W. Michael Reisman, and V. V. Veeder (President)
  • GAMI Investments, Inc. (Claimant) and the Government of the United Mexican States (Respondent) (Final Award), by W. Michael Reisman, Julio Lacarte Muró, and Jan Paulsson

Volume 4, 2004

Introductory Essay

  • Dirty Money, Clean Hands: Conference Opening Address, by Bryan Schwartz

Articles / Presentations: Money Laundering and Crime Management

  • Alberta and Ontario: Civilizing the Money-Centered Model of Crime Control, by Michelle Gallant
  • Canada’s Laws on Money Laundering & Proceeds of Crime, by Tim Tapley
  • Confessions of a Money Launderer: A Personal Perspective, by Humberto J. Aguilar
  • Canada’s Laws on Money Laundering & Proceeds of Crime: The International Context, by Daniel Murphy
  • Silence Is Golden – Or Is It? FINTRAC and the Suspicious Transaction Reporting Requirements for Lawyers, by Paul Waller and Katrin Roth Von Szepesbela
  • Laundering Around the World: Legislative Responses to Money Laundering in Canada, the United States, and Bermuda, by Ronan Reinart
  • The New Laws on Terrorist Financing, by David Matas
  • Money Laundering, Corruption, and the Proceeds of Crime: An International Reality Check, by Saul M. Froomkin
  • Money Laundering Through Securities: An Analysis of Canadian Police Cases, by Stephen Schneider

Proceeds of Crime: A Guide

  • Money Laundering & Proceeds of Crime, prepared and distributed at the Money Laundering Conference (March 2003)
  • Pocket Guide to Federal and Provincial “ill gotten gains” Legislation

Public Record Documents

The Agreement on Internal Trade Panel Decisions

  • Release of Panel Report Regarding a Dispute between Alberta and Canada under the Agreement on Internal Trade
  • Report of the Article 1704 Panel concerning a dispute by Alberta, Québec, and British Columbia with Canada regarding The Federal Bank Act – Cost of Borrowing (Banks Regulations), by Bill Norrie (Chair), Peter Meekinson, and Chris Thomas

Nafta Decisions

  • ADF Group Inc. v. United States of America (Award), by Judge Florentino P. Feliciano, President, Professor Armand de Mestral, and Carolyn B. Lamm
  • S.D. Myers, Inc. (Claimant) v. Government of Canada (Respondent) (Final Award concerning costs), by Bryan P. Schwartz, Edward C. Chiasson, and J. Martin Hunter
  • S.D. Myers, Inc. (Claimant) v. Government of Canada (Respondent) (Dissenting Opinion), by Bryan P. Schwartz
  • MTD Equity Sdn. Bhd. And MTD Chile S.A. (Claimants) v. Republic of Chile (Respondent) (Award), by Andrés Rigo Sureda, President, Marc Lalonde, and Rodrigo Oreamuno Blanco
  • Waste Management Inc. (Claimant) v. United Mexican States (Respondent) (Award), by Professor James Crawford, President, Benjamin R. Civiletti, and Eduardo Magallón Gómez

Volume 3, 2003

Introductory Essay

  • The Doha Round and Investment: Lesson from Chapter 11 of NAFTA, by Bryan Schwartz



  • When Countries Go Bust: Proposals for Debtor and Creditor Resolution, by Alon Segev


  • Leveling the Playing Field, by Kelvin Goertzen
  • The Investment Subsidies and the Canadian Agreement on International Trade, by Bryan Schwartz and Krista Boryskavich

NAFTA Chapter 11

  • Evidentiary Issues in NAFTA Chapter 11 Arbitration: Inquiring the Truth Between States and Investors Under NAFTA Chapter 11, by Gustavo Carvajal Isunza and Fernando Gonzalez Rojas
  • Procedural Aspects of Non-Disputing Party Interventions in Chapter 11 Arbitrations, by Martin Hunter and Alexei Barbuk
  • Betrayal, Shock and Outrage – Recent Developments in NAFTA Article 1105, by Ian A. Laird
  • Repenser NAFTA Chapter 11: A Catalogue of Legitimacy Critiques, by Jeffery Atik

Public Record Documents

The Agreement on Internal Trade Panel Discussions

  • Farmers Co-operative Dairy Limited of Nova Scotia v. New Brunswick Regarding NB’s Fluid Milk Distribution Licensing Measures, by John F. Helliwell (Chair), Michele M. Veeman, and Paul M. Lalonde
  • The Certified General Accountants Association of Manitoba v. Ontario Regarding The Public Accountancy Act (R.S.O., 1990, Chapter P-13) and Regulations, by Gord Ritchie (Chair), Bill Norrie, and Claude Tremblay
  • Nova Scotia v. Prince Edward Island Regarding Amendments to The Dairy Industry Act Regulations, by Clay Gilson, C.M. (Chair), Claude Castonguay, C.C., O.Q., Arthur Mauro, O.C., Q.C., Gordon Ritchie, and Gilbert Winham
  • AB v. Canada Regarding The Manganese-Based Fuel Additives Act, by Clay Gilson, C.M. (Chair), Claude Castonguay, C.C., O.Q., Kathleen Kelly, Arthur Mauro, O.C., Q.C., and Bob Rae, P.C., Q.C.,

NAFTA Decisions

  • Marvin Feldman v. Mexico (Review of Award), by Justice Chilcott
  • The Loewen Group, Inc. and Raymond L. Loewen (Claimants) v. United States of America (Respondent), by Sir Anthony Mason, Judge Abner J. Mikva, and Lord Mustill
  • Mondev International Ltd. (Claimant) v. United States of America (Respondent), by Sir Ninian Stephen, President, James Crawford, Judge Stephen M. Schwebel
  • S.D. Myers, Inc. (Claimant) v. Government of Canada (Respondent), by Bryan P. Schwartz, Edward C. Chiasson, and J. Martin Hunter
  • Pope & Talbot Inc. v. Government of Canada Award in Respect of Damages, by the Hon. Lord Dervaird, Presiding Arbitrator, the Hon. Benjamin J. Greenberg Q.C., and Mr. Murray J. Belman

Volume 2, 2002

Introductory Essay

  • Canadian Cultural Policy in a World Context, by Bryan Schwartz


Trade and Culture

  • Hollywood North: Tax Incentives and the Film Industry in Canada, by Krista Boryskavich and Aaron Bowler


  • E-Commerce: The Taxman’s Nemesis, by Blair Downey
  • Digital Signatures: Meeting the Traditional Requirements Electronically—A Canadian Perspective, by Mark Lewis
  • The UDRP and the ACPA: What Are They, and Which Should Be Used, by Ryan Shewchuck
  • Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Defamation and Internet Service Providers, by Ryan Savage


  • Canada’s New Privacy Law: Strategies for Compliance, by Bryan Schwartz

Trade Disputes

  • Blame Canada; American Trade Complaints against the Canadian Wheat Board, by Brian Mayes

Trade and Human Rights

  • Did Your Jeans Enslave Children? Child Labour in International Trade, by Joseph Langan

Strengthening Canada: Challenges for Internal Trade and Mobility

Download Conference Papers HERE


Canada’s Internal Market—A Report Card

  • Comparing Economic Union Reform: Canada, Australia, and the European Union, by Douglas Brown
  • Internal Trade in Canada: A Matter of National Importance, by Nancy Hughes Anthony
  • Unfinished Agenda: Freeing Up Canada’s Internal Trade Market, by Neville Nankivell
  • Canada’s Internal Market—A Report Card, by Scott Sinclair

Protecting Regional and Social Programs and Environmental Labour and Consumer Standards

  • Political Strains and the AIT: An Alberta Perspective, by Barry Cooper
  • Protecting Regional and Social Programs and Environmental, Labour, and Consumer Standards, by Pierre-Marcel Desjardins
  • Public Services, Public Control, and the AIT, by Jane Stinson

Enhancing the Free Flow of People, Goods, Services, and Investments within Canada

  • In Search of a Problem: The Future of the Agreement on Internal Trade and Canadian Federalism, by Marc Lee
  • Internal Mobility and the Well Being of Canadians, by Daniel Schwanen
  • The Commercial Law Strategy: An Overview, by Hélène Yaremko-Jarvis

Improving How the Agreement on Internal Trade Currently Works

  • The Agreement on Internal Trade, Economic Mobility, and the Charter, by Dr. Sugit Choudhry
  • Improving How the Agreement on Internal Trade Currently Works, by Robert Knox

Where Do We Go from Here?

  • Where Do We Go from Here? By Dr. Janine Brodie
  • Year Six: Looking Ahead, by James A. Ogilvy
  • Internal Trade Future, by Peter Sadlier-Brown
  • Lessons from Experience: Improving the Agreement on Internal Trade, by Dr. Bryan Schwartz
  • Beyond the Agreement on Internal Trade: Openness as the Key to Innovation and Growth, by David Stewart-Patterson

Report on the Public Consultations Project

Public Record Documents

  • In the Matter of Cross-Border Trucking Services (Secretariat File No. USA-MEX-98-2008-01), by J. Martin Hunter (Chair), Luis Miguel Diaz, David A. Gantz, Alejandro Ogarrio
  • The Loewen Group, Inc. and Raymond L. Loewen v. United States of America (ICSID Case No ARB(AF)/98/3), by Sir Anthony Mason, President, L. Yves Fortier C.C.Q.C., and Judge Abner J. Mikva
  • In the Supreme Court of British Columbia between: The United Mexican States (Petitioner) and: Metalclad Corporation (Respondent) and: Attorney General of Canada and La Procureure Generale du Québec on Behalf of the Province of Québec (Intervenors), by the Honourable Mr. Justice Tysoe

Volume 1, 2001

Introductory Essay

  • Lawyers and the Emerging World Constitution, by Bryan Schwartz


Creating the Free Trade Area of the Americas

  • An Efficient and Simplifying Approach to Creating a Balanced FTAA: Cutting and Pasting From Other Treaties and Institutions, by Bryan Schwartz
  • Linking Labour, the Environment, and Human Rights to the FTAA, by James Mercury and Bryan Schwartz
  • A Proposal for an Anti-Corruption Dimension to the FTAA, by Heather Manweiller and Bryan Schwartz

Trade and Genetically Modified Foods

  • Biotechnology: A Canadian Perspective, by Pearl Reimer and Bryan Schwartz
  • GMO’s: Chumps or Champs of International Trade? by Darren Smits & Sean Zaboroski
  • Frankenfears: A Call for Consistency, by Kara-Anne Yaren

Trade and the Airlines

  • Caged Birds in Open Skies: Comments on the Emergence of a Dominant Carrier, by Dennis Foerster

Trade and Sports

  • The Bosman Ruling: European Soccer – Above the Law? by Blair Downey
  • Time Out: Canadian Professional Sports Team Franchise – Is the Game Really Over? by Heather Manweiller and Bryan Schwartz

Public Record Documents

  • Azinian, Davitian, and Baca (Claimants) and The United Mexican States (Respondent), by Mr. Benjamin R. Civiletti, Mr. Claus von Wobeser, and Mr. Jan Paulsson
  • Metalclad Corporation (Claimant) and The United Mexican States (Respondent), by Sir Elihu Lauterpacht, C.B.E., Q.C., Benjamin R. Civiletti, and Jose Luis Siqueiros
  • S.D. Meyers Inc. (Claimant) -and- The Government of Canada (Respondent), by Edward C. Chiasson, Q.C., J. Martin Hunter, and Bryan P. Schwartz (Partial Award)
  • S.D. Meyers Inc. (Claimant) -and- The Government of Canada (Respondent), by Bryan Schwartz (Separate Opinion, concurring)
  • Pope & Talbot Inc. (Claimant) -and- The Government of Canada (Respondent), by the Hon. Lord Dervaird, the Hon. Benjamin J. Greenberg Q.C., and Mr. Murray J. Belman